Valorant Episode 7: New Features for an Extra Fun Time!

Valorant Episode 7: New Features for an Extra Fun Time!

Hey there, fellow gamers! Get ready because the new competitive season of VALORANT Episode 7 is around the corner, and it’s bringing some super exciting features! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the details!

Meet the New Agent and Glam Up Your Collection!

First things first, we’ve got a new agent joining the squad. With cool new skills, you can amp up your gameplay strategies and tactics. Oh, and don’t forget to spice up your skin collection! This episode brings a bunch of fresh skins ready to make you look super cool on the battlefield.

But wait, there’s more! Episode seven of “VALORANT” is also rolling out a thrilling new game mode! Get ready to experience a whole new vibe from the previous game modes. How cool is that?

What are you waiting for? Gear up for the new season with these super exciting VALORANT features! Don’t miss out!

What’s Cooking in Valorant Episode 7?

Episode 7 of VALORANT is serving up a bunch of new and exciting content. One of the highlights is the Rank Reset feature. No need to panic; you’ll experience a rank drop to shake things up in the new episode. Just play 5 games to determine your klik88slot rank again. Pretty neat, right?

But that’s not all; the latest episode brings in a Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode that takes the excitement up a notch. Previously a solo player game mode, now you can team up for a 5v5 showdown starting from episode 7. Don’t miss the action!

In the latest VALORANT episode, get ready to explore features that make the gameplay even more exciting and challenging. Brace yourselves for the introduction of the mysterious 23rd agent, rumored to play the Sentinel role. Even though the agent is still a bit mysterious, it’s sure to add a whole lot of fun to your gameplay!

And there’s more! The new episode will also showcase a fresh Battle Pass with cool skins, sprays, player cards, titles, and Radiant Points. Don’t miss the chance to deck out your character with premium skins that will also make an appearance in this new episode.

VALORANT Episode 7 Chapter 1 is just around the corner! We’re ready to launch features to make your journey even more thrilling and enjoyable. For example, the daily quest system is getting a cool update. We’re replacing Agent Contracts with “Agents and Gear,” and you’ll earn free in-game currency called “Kingdom Points.” With Kingdom Points, you can buy old accessories from the Battle Pass and unlock Agent contracts faster. Pretty cool, huh?

And mark your calendars! June 27, 2023, will be a special day as the new features of VALORANT Episode 7, Chapter 1, kick off. Unfortunately, Episode 6 Chapter 3 will close, but no worries, you can still enjoy quests and content available at that time. However, we’ll have some maintenance for a few hours before the new episode starts. But we’re confident the new experience you’ll get will be totally worth it.

What’s this New System Progression Feature?

Exciting news about the new Valorant System Progression feature in Episode 7! What’s it all about? This article will give you the full schedule to get more details. Let’s check out the schedule in this article for a clearer picture.

In the game “Valorant,” players can try out many interesting things. One of them is the upcoming update in Episode 7, System Progress. This time, as you complete games in Valorant, you can earn Kingdom Points, and with these points, you can use lots of cool stuff in the game.

Some things you can buy later with Kingdom Points include Agents, Battlepass items like player cards, Gunbuddies, sprays, and titles, among others. It’s sure to be exciting to try out this update in Valorant.

You can follow the instructions to give this update a go at the beginning of VALORANT Episode 7. Valorant players are also looking forward to holding on to Kingdom points because you can use these points to buy some items in the store later on.